Parent Reports

The Parent Report is a report the MathsBuddy system generates and sends out weekly to parents. The report includes a log of the student's activity on MathsBuddy during the preceding week, details of homework tasks that have recently fallen due, and the homework tasks, if any, that are upcoming.

Parents sign up for the report themselves within the student program. To sign up for the reports the parent clicks on ‘Parent Login’ on the homepage. Select the ‘Sign-in option 2’, type in the student's username and password.

Regular Feedback

Parents select the '+' and fill in their details, ensuring 'Weekly progress report' is Ticked.

Though not directly a feature that is administered within the Teacher Admin, it's important that teachers understand the tremendous benefits of these weekly reports, and encourage parents to sign up for them. The report allows parents to proactively monitor their child's progress, keeping them informed of the work being covered at school, and their child's level of performance.

The report for parents is broken into three parts.

Part One: Weekly Activity Log

The log provides the time and description of the student's activity on the site for each day of the week.

Weekly Activity Log

Part Two: Homework Tasks

This section of the report displays the tasks that are active and must be completed in the coming weeks, and the tasks that have recently fallen due. It provides the parents with a good snapshot of the work currently being undertaken in class, whether their child is keeping pace or falling behind, and the standard at which their child is currently performing.

Homework Tasks

Part Three: Overall Performance

The report finishes with a summary of the student's performance to date. It includes their level of task completion and their average efficiency rating across all lessons.

Overall Performance