Homework Tasks

Homework tasks give the teacher the means to set homework for students and have it automatically marked by the MathsBuddy system.

Why use homework tasks?

By utilising the homework-setting features in MathsBuddy, teachers can, with just a few minutes' setting up, create days' or weeks' worth of homework tasks for their students. The MathsBuddy system automatically informs students when homework has been set, so there is no more for the teacher to do other than occasionally monitor homework progress through MathsBuddy's real-time reporting tools.

Detailed metrics are kept for every homework task, and for every student, including.

  • The student's grade, efficiency rating, and number of attempts to pass each lesson in the homework task.
  • The class's overall performance, making it easy to rank the students.
  • Whether the student completed the homework on time, late, or not at all.

Teachers use homework to drive students' use of MathsBuddy

With minimal effort, homework tasks allow teachers to control the way students use the MathsBuddy programme, making sure the work they undertake on MathsBuddy is aligned with and complements the work they are doing in class. It also provides a way to set homework that gets automatically marked and time-stamped, which, in tandem with the comprehensive student reports arising from these tasks, provide excellent data for use in parent-teacher meetings.

Watch the How-to Video

The following video shows you how to create your own homework tasks.


The MathsBuddy homework-setting feature is the most-used feature of the MathsBuddy system. Since homework-setting was first introduced, over six million homework assignments have been completed by students in this way.