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You can't stop and rewind the teacher in the classroom, and most kids are too shy or embarrassed to put their hand up and ask a question.

What if you could get the teacher to go over things again, in a friendly and easy to understand way?

With Maths Buddy, you can!

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  • 1,549 animated and narrated maths lessons
  • A bank of over 65,000 interactive questions
  • Diagnostic tests
  • Instant feedback to students and regular reporting to parents

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"My class loves the opportunity to work at their own pace on individual activities. The level of motivation is very high and students look forward to their time on Maths Buddy. It gives me the opportunity to move around the room and conference with students while others remain on task all the time."

Brian Donjeany
HOD Yr 8, Orewa College

"Thanks to the maths buddy team for such a wonderful product, my eldest children have completed end of year exams and both achieved a pass make of over 72%. This is a marked improvement on previous years and my wife and I are thrilled with the progress."

Denis and Necia Marriner

"Maths Buddy has added a new dimension to the support that our Learning Support Dept can provide in Mathematics. Overall it has been a great addition to what we offer in terms of Maths support at very many levels."

Deborah McCutcheon
Auckland Grammar School

"Our daughter was told about your website at school, just days before her Year 11 exam. We purchased a subscription and she spent every spare moment going through the lessons. It certainly helped her understand aspects of maths she would otherwise have been completely stumped by."

Tracy & Darren Farr

"Our older two are charging ahead. They love the ability to control the video presentation and I have noticed that my oldest is now slowly dragging the mouse to move the presentation in slow motion, this still presents the information clearly, and then when she is ready she moves on."

Deirdre Cooper

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