Setting Homework Tasks

To create a task, from the home admin page select ‘Manage My Tasks’ in upper right-hand corner of the My Latest Tasks box.

Manage My Tasks

A pop-up appears with the tasks currently set for students. Select ‘+ Add Task’ in the upper right-hand corner.

Manage task

A new, empty task is created ready to be filled out. First, choose the date and time at which the task will be available to students, and the date and time when the task falls due. The default title for the task contains the selected start and due dates, but this can be changed. There is also the option for the teacher to write a note containing a reminder or additional information for the students.

Overdue homework tasks will continue to be displayed to students. This way the student still has the opportunity to complete the task, albeit late.

Add task

Then select ‘+ Add lessons’. A pop-up box appears containing all the lessons in the program. Use the filters to display only lessons from particular courses, streams or topics. Or start typing the name of a lesson in the keyword search to see the matches.

Add lessons

Select one or more lessons for the task and click ‘Select Lesson & Close’.

A pop-up appears showing only the lessons you have selected for the task. You can continue adding lessons by clicking ‘+ Add Lesson’ until all lessons have been set up. You can change the order of the lessons if required, using the ‘Move Up’ and ‘Move Down’ buttons. If students are required to complete the lessons in the given order, check the box in the upper left hand corner. Click ‘Save & Return’.

Set all lessons

To select the students to receive the task select ‘+ Add Recipients’. In the new pop-up, click and drag entire classes, groups or individual students to receive the task. Click ‘Save & Return’. Finally, check the option at the bottom of the pop-up if students must complete the task before doing other lessons in the program. Click ‘Save’. A confirmation notice will appear if the task was added successfully.