Monitoring Homework Tasks

After a teacher has set a task, the students’ progress on that task can be monitored from the Teacher Admin home page. To check the progress of a particular task, select the name of the task from the list.

monitoring task

The progress details of the task then appears in a pop-up box. Teachers can check the percentage of the class that has completed the task, the timeliness with which the task has been completed as well as the average mark that is being achieved by the students on that task.

task progress report

To see more detailed results for a particular student, click on that student's name. The results will then appear underneath. Details include the efficiency rating, the date passed and the highest grade achieved by the student for each lesson in the task.

student details

To see the detailed progress of all the students select ‘Expand All’ from the upper right hand corner. There is also the option to print this report.